Wise Children Club

Wise Children Club

Wise Children Club


The Wise Children Club has a new home, head to https://wisechildren.wildapricot.org to find out what's new.

The Wise Children Club is a community of like-minded individuals supporting our work and sharing ideas and dreams. 

It costs £10 per year to be a member. 

But joining the Wise Children Club isn't about the money! Our dream is that Club members become our ambassadors both online and in public. They will spread the word, share their own ideas and look for opportunities for Wise Children to grow as a creative force for good! 

You might also be inspired to know that everyone who works for Wise Children (from those who tread the boards to the Board itself) join the Club and donate to the company. 

In return for your support, and as we grow in numbers, we'll start to add little treats and incentives to the Club website… 

You can join here: https://wisechildren.wildapricot.org